Louise & Jimmi’s Wedding

Priyanka and I traveled to Horsens, Denmark for the wedding of my friend Jimmi to his wonderful wife Louise. We were delighted by the great hospitality of Jimmi’s family and friends.

We were completely taken aback by how appreciative everyone was that we came all the way from the US to take part in the festivities. Danish weddings evidently contain a LOT of speeches, and Priyanka and I were mentioned in every single speech during the wedding reception. People were constantly checking on us to make sure we were comfortable.

We also got to also observe some great Danish wedding traditions as well:

  • The speeches that we could understand were very personal, very touching, and very emotional. After each one and throughout the reception when we lifted our drinks, we’d shout “skål!” (the Nordic version of cheers, pronounced “skōl”).
  • When the bride leaves the room (for the powder room, for example), ladies though the hall would line up to give the groom a kiss. When Jimmi left, the guys did the same.
  • Then, when Jimmi returns, we’d quickly start to stomp our feet, at which point the newlyweds were required to crawl under their table to kiss one another.
  • As soon as they come up for air, we’d immediately begin to tap our glasses with our knives, and the couple would have to stand on their chairs and kiss, at which point we cheer and shout “skål!”

The wedding venue was also a treat. The Scandic Bydholm Park is a former manor home that’s older than the United States converted into a beautiful hotel. I was especially impressed by the setting, their self-serve coffee station, and the breakfast. It was an honor to attend this very special wedding, and we’re humbled at how well we were treated.

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