Penderyn Distillery & Brecon Beacons (Bannau Brycheiniog)

One of my favorite whiskeys is Penderyn’s original bourbon-aged, Madeira-finished, single-malt Welsh whiskey. From the times I used to bring back bottles when visiting Priyanka in Wales, I’ve kept a constant, small supply for myself and for gifting to friends. It’s not an expensive whiskey, and that’s perhaps why I like it. Plus the fact that it takes me a 12-hour (min.) journey each way to procure it, makes it extra special. On this visit to the UK, my family was able to take me to the Penderyn distillery, located in – you guessed it – Penderyn, on our way to Brecon Beacons.

We continued on to Brecon, passing through the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park. We park aside one of the winding roads, where I launched my Mavic. and took some photos and videos.

We then finished our daytrip in the village of Brecon, where we visited with some friends, and again, I flew the drone to capture some of the beautiful surroundings from overhead.

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