Simple enough?
I firmly believe that there is a certain elegance to simplicity. I’m not very old, but in my experience I have seen too many poorly developed, aesthetically horrendous websites selling an otherwise excellent product, and it boils my blood.

I try really hard to keep my websites simple and practical. Too often, web design clients get too absorbed into the flashy animations and other bulky junk. Not only is all the really hard on the eyes, but it also makes your website run extremely slowly on the average home computer.

I’ve found that WordPress is the best solution to keeping your website elegant, easy to manage, and streamlined. WordPress is what’s called a Content Management System, or CMS. It’s been around for years, and it’s constantly being improved by the WordPress community, making it very versatile and expandable.

All my work is pro-bono, but if you want to hire me, contact me and I might consider it. Check out some of my work below: