Great Resources for Kids While you #StayatHome

Updated April 19, 2020 10:06pm CST.

This post is a work in progress. Check back regularly for more material. If you think I should add something, let me know!

This horrible COVID-19 outbreak has temporarily yet dramatically changed everyone’s way of life. If you have kids, however, you now find yourself wearing a couple of new hats around the clock, day after day. The worst and best part is that young kids are nuclear-powered mutants with seemingly endless energy. Cooped up in the house, they need ways to expel that energy and exercise their minds.

I’ve vetted and listed a few of my favorite resources below that have helped be for the past few weeks (and before!). Below are a few things that have made life a little more bearable at home for my kids.

Make Time to Relax

Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This is a Youtube series that has been great for my 3-year-old. I know all kids are different, and getting them to sit still can be impossible. This series uses stories and quick poses to keep kids focused on the exercises.


This a paid app that has offered 3 of their sessions for free. Check out their “For Kids” section for details on how their paid app can help with guided meditation and mindfulness exercises for kids.

Expose Them to Great Music

Beat Bugs on Netflix

Beat Bugs on Netflix

This is an awesome kids’ cartoon series on Netflix. Each episode is themed on a Beatles song, complete with a rendition of the song. The musical score throughout the series contains bits of various Beatles music.

Little Einsteins on Disney+

This is an older series that features episodes centered around an education concept, and each episode features a popular classical song.

If Distance Learning Isn’t Cutting It…

…or even if it is, some of the top textbook publishers and educational sites have put out free material online to keep your kids engaged during this extended time away from school.

Scholastic Learn at Home

NASA at Home

All Kids Network

For Bedtime

Goodnight with Dolly (Parton)

Starting April 2nd, Dolly Parton began a 10 week series of bedtime stories for kids. This is a free series available on Youtube. They are quick videos, and in Dolly’s calming voice, she read popular titles for small children, including her own books.

Here’s one of the better lists I’ve found online of things to do for your kids: