Create a FREE Wix Blog or Website in 15 Minutes

With this video, you can create a website or blog with Wix in just 15 minutes! Wix is one of the most popular website and blog content management systems in the world. It makes creating websites very easy and is packed with powerful features to enhance your site’s SEO and web performance. You can get started for free by just following this video.

To start with your Wix website or blog you’ll first need:

  • A logo of at least 1000px in width.
  • The content for at least 5 blog posts or pages.
  • If you’re creating a blog, I recommend having at leas.

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Use this password generator anytime you create a new account on the internet! The longer and more complex the password, the less resistant your accounts are to hacking. I highly recommend using all of the features of this free password generator to ensure that you have the most secure password possible!

You can use the password generator here. And here’s a link to the site built in this video.